Patong Beach is one of the popular destinations on Phuket Island. The resort is well-known for its three kilometer horseshoe shape beach and water activities e.g. parasailing, jet skiing or just relaxing on the beach. This sea front is known for its beachside restaurants, busy nightlife and shopping enjoyment.

Enjoy the top attractions in and around Patong Beach, from its famous nightlife, Bangla Road, to its secluded and attractive beaches, Freedom and paradise, to the rainforest with its ideal waterfall and relaxing Kathu Mining Museum.   



1. Bangla Road Nightlife

Bangla Road is for night owls. That’s when Patong’s liveliest party zone awakes. Being closed to traffic and ready for the night unthreatening action, the area offers incredible entertainment with ladies, drinks and music. Crowded most nights all year round, it is actually a lively place to walk around and enjoy the activities. Aiming to please customers, the activities of pole dancing, engaging in banter, or coaxing them to play simple bar games like ‘Connect 4’ or ‘Hammer the nail’ are for breaking the ice. The objective is to temp customers to buy drinks and ultimately enjoy the evening. Almost all of the bars are outdoors so the sum of the music from each one is deafening! Beer bars in one shape or the other occupy most of the street's length, with several a-Go-Gos and a few pubs, restaurants, discos and shops rounding out the attractions both on Bangla and down its side streets.    


2. Freedom Beach

Freedom Beach, the 300 metre white sand strip, is an exclusive gem on Phuket’s west coast. The beach is set on a superb bay dotted with granite rocks and surrounded by hills covered by thick and luxuriant jungle. Apart from sunbathing, popular activities that can be enjoyed at Freedom Beach are beach soccer where two mini-goals are available, beach volleyball, and snorkeling. The shallow waters at both ends of the beach host the magnificent underwater fauna and flora whereas the southern end is slightly superior. There are no jet-skis or other noisy marine leisure activities around Freedom Beach; the only audible engines are those of the long-tail boats bringing in and taking away visitors.



3. Tiger Kingdom

With an area of four acres of land and an approximate cost of 100 million baht, Tiger Kingdom is a new arrival on Phuket’s attraction scene. The place allows visitors an opportunity to get up close and personal with several Indochinese tigers of various ages and sizes which have been raised by hand in the confinement since birth. Tiger Kingdom is an attractive, clean setup site located right next to the Go-Kart track in Kathu District at the foot of Patong Hill. The cats are simply magnificent, if not a little sleepy as they typically doze about 18 hours a day, and they are obviously bursting with health. They have been used to human presence since birth and appear somewhat nonchalant about people coming and going even when being petted. However, for a safety reason, small children are not allowed to go into the medium or larger tiger enclosures.    

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